OKSAN is one of the largest aftermarket manufacturer for engine and shock absorber mountings, steering wheel and axle bellows, wishbone arm and link stabilizer bushes, ball joint dust covers, and another industrial rubber parts of passenger and light commercial vehicles in its own sector. Oksan is founded in 1980, and now it is situated over ‘Bursa Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone on a covered area of 10.000 m² and a large machine park in it. As a requirement of industrial innovations and demands in the market, production continues at full capacity with latest technological manufacturing and testing equipments. And Oksan increases its capacity continuously with the new investments. Applying full sensitivity to production for customer demands is the main goal to achieve in Oksan future. With this respect, Oksan has gained a serious reputation all around Turkey and Europe since years. Besides, significant part of its production, mainly to the Europe continent has been exported to more than 25 countries. Every year many new references to the Oksan product range are included. Tooling, vulcanization, welding, sheet metal forming, tube cutting, rubber dough facility, rubber-metal adhesive application facility, metal surface operations facility and large high-tech machine park make Oksan clearly one of the leading company of the sector. From sales to R&D, from production to quality assurance, by keeping ahead customer satisfaction in all activities, Oksan continues on its path.


Değişim ve gelişime açık, mükemmelliği hedefleyen OKSAN her sene birçok yeni referans firmanın ürün gamına dahil olmaktadır.


Our mission is to become a profitable enterprise which supports quality in all areas of life for contributing to the social development.


Our vision is among the best companies about producing of engine and shock absorber mountings, steering wheel and axle bellows, wishbone arm and link stabilizer bushes, ball joint dust covers, and another industrial rubber parts for passenger and light commercial vehicles in automotive aftermarket sector.

  • To fulfill the requirements of the Quality Management System.
  • To improve the products and the Quality Management System continually.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of customers on the basis of the quality and efficiency.
  • To become assertive in foreign markets with the quality products and reasonable price of the market.
  • To gain credibility of customers with timely delivery policy.
  • To ensure employee satisfaction, to improve working conditions, and to increase productivity.
  • Not to compromise on quality under no circumstances.

Oksan, since the day the production started in 1980, as a result of targeting market and customer desires, we could be able to reach the highest level of quality in the entire company. All the necessary investments to maintain and complete activities have been realized without cease. In 2004, as a natural result of all these progresses, ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate could have been awarded until today and in October 2008 the re-certification was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 revision.

  • Production tracking system
  • Warehouse tracking system
  • Assembly tracking system
  • Shipment tracking system
  • Order tracking system


Oksan follows all processes on the system with its advanced planning system and MRP tracking. Planning System Network follows all the Oksan production with the information flow from the production departments. Working with the principle of productivity, quality and sustainability, Oksan is continuing its way with the technological infrastructure that it has continuously renewed. Oksan has a fast information and communication network.

The following systems are implemented with MRP.