Oksan production takes place in each line with the same quality standardization. In all lines latest technology machines are used and quality targets are laid out in entire follow-up in a stable manner. High quality and manufacturing totality approach is targeted forever in our: Tooling, Vulcanization, Welding, Metal Forming, Machining, Rubber Dough Facility, Rubber – Metal Adhesive Application Facility, Metal Surface Operations Facility, Assembly & Finishing, Warehouse & Delivery.


Mould production and revision processes are done by CNC machines that exist in our organization. Mold production requiring high level engineering, design and CAD / CAM processing is carried out with great care. Mold design is created using three-dimensional CAD / CAM programs.  All detailed technical drawings of molds are done by a team of experts.


Latest technology injection and compression presses are used in vulcanization production. Rubber in a condition of dough becomes product with proper methods and working equipments in this latest technology presses.


Metal parts that exited from machining and metal forming departments are welded to one another by Gas Metal Arc Welding and Spot Welding machines.

Metal Forming

The production of metal parts that are used in the producing of rubber-metal bonded parts are done in the Metal Forming department.

This section is an integrated facility and covers a number of processes from sheet metals, mills, tubes raw material entries to the final product. 

During metal forming, production is carried out by the use of latest technology eccentric and hydraulic presses.


The production of metal parts that are used in the producing of rubber-metal bonded parts start from Machining department. This section is an integrated facility and covers a number of processes from tubes and mills raw material entries to the final product. During machining, production is carried out by the use of CNC vertical machining centers, lathe machines, milling machines, revolver machines, drilling machines, screwing machines, full automatic and semi-automated tube cutting machines, tube end finishing machines, and similar machining benches.

Rubber Dough Facility

Rubber compoundings are produced at different features and hardness intervals according to customer demands and  product necessities in our Rubber Dough Machines. Weighing  and feeding processes of all chemicals are controlled meticulously. And rubber dough which is prepared according to customer special needs is formed to band shape that is ready for rubber injection machine by extruder system.

Rubber – Metal Adhesive Application Rubber

Metal Adhesive is applied to the surfaces of metal and composite materials with the paint gun spraying method in order to obtain bonding with the rubber at full-automated painting machines in Rubber – Metal Adhesive Application Facility which is the last station before the vulcanization process.

Metal Surface Operations

Pre-Greasing, Sand Blasting, Phosphating processes are applied to the metals in order to prevent it from the corrosion and to perfect bonding with the rubber in the Metal Surface Operations Facility.

Assembly & Finishing

Assembly of the engine & shock absorber mountings and wishbone arm bushes is carried out by the hydraulic and pneumatic assembly presses in Assembly department. Also, calibrating process is applied to wishbone arm bushes in order to calibrate their dimension by hydraulic calibration presses. Products are trimmed from their burrs by trimming machines and they get ready to shipping. Lastly, products are marked by laser marking machine.

Warehouse & Delivery

Products are packaged and labeled according to the customer needs. Then, they are shaped to pallets as ready to shipment and they are put into our warehouse. Shipments take place from our warehouse to our national and international clients in more than 20 countries.