To ensure product availability and continuity of total quality measurement, Oksan has made significant control and test equipment investments until now and continues to do so today.  With the comprehensive laboratory facilities on its own property, Oksan has Rheometer, Tensile and Compression Test Device, Rubber Ageing Test Equipment, Rubber Abrasion Tester, Digital Density Measurement Equipment, Sensitive Scales, and Shoremeters.


The curves and characteristic parameters on vulcanization of rubber materials can be obtained using Rheometer based on the measurement of the torque exerted by rubber material on the oscillating die.

Tensile and Compression Test Device

Universal Testing Instrument is one kind of material testing facility with advanced technology, and suitable for testing physical features such as extension, compression, shear, tearing and etc. on metals, non-metals and composite material and products.

Rubber Ageing Test Equipment

Ageing oven is used for testing ageing of rubber and plastic when the heat is subjected to a rotational condition for a specific time.

Rubber Abrasion Tester

Rubber abrasion tester determines the resistance of elastomers in regard with the frictional loss on rubber products.

Digital Density Measurement Scale

Digital density measurement scale identifies the density of liquid and solid materials according to the buoyancy method. The density determination equipment is suitable for measuring the density in plastic, rubber, and other non-metallic materials.